Filmmaker Bundles - Platinum, Gold + PPM or Gold + Financials

Filmmaker Bundles - Platinum, Gold + PPM or Gold + Financials

All our Investor Templates + Film PPM + Customized Movies Sales Projections & Investor Payback ROI

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Platinum Plus Filmmaker Bundle $1299 USD
Platinum Filmmaker Bundle $999 USD
Gold Toolkit + 20 Films Financial Projections $899 USD
Gold Toolkit + Financial Projections Bundle *Recommended Plan $599 USD
Gold Toolkit + Film PPM Pack Bundle $599 USD

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    Filmmaker Bundles - Platinum, Gold + PPM or Gold + Financials $899 USD
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    $899 USD

    Protect Your Film, Producers and Investors (included with the Platinum Bundle).

    Having the correct Film Production Contracts in place on your film is crucial when investors, distributors, festivals and production companies are evaluating working with or investing in your project. Make sure you own EVERYTHING that makes your film your film. In other words, you must have a clean "Chain of Title."

    Some examples include story & music rights, cast & crew images, graphics, the script, rights to on location shoots and much more. If any of these important legal contracts is missing, you cannot legally sell your film since you won't own all of it! Funders and distributors will expect you have these signed. Learn More: Filmmaker Legal Pack

    $129 USD


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      Gold Toolkit + Financial Projections Bundle 20

      • Full Gold Toolkit
      • + Professional Movie Sales
        Projections & Investor ROI
        Scenarios, 20 Films
      • + Expert Advice from NIS
        Analyst Team to Choose from
        20,000+ Films

      Just want to thank you for your materials and help over the past year. I could not have raised the $1.5 million or made this film without the materials you provided. The bargain of my career!
      - James, Producer, Writer, Director


      When I came across the Business Plan Tools and Finance Guide, I felt like I could stop searching for the pot of gold ... I’d found it. In one place, with clear, easy to follow materials and spreadsheets, my questions were answered. It still depends on me and what I do, but the blueprint is all there. Thanks.

      Barry, Producer, River Dreaming Entertainment

      100% Money Back Guarantee
       All FilmProposals Financing Packages come with a 60-day full money back guarantee! If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, just email us your original Paypal receipt email and we will refund your purchase via Paypal within 5 business days (usually sooner). All we ask is for honest feedback as to why the products did not meet your expectations.