Indie Film Custom Database

Indie Film Custom Database

Over 200 Titles for Comparable Films - Discounted with Financing Toolkit Purchase

Detailed Budget and Box Office Stats
Make Finding Comparable Films a Breeze

Indie Film Custom Database
  • Custom Excel Spreadsheet with indie and studio films
  • Easy Sort & Filter
  • Save hours finding comparable films
  • Info researched JUST for indie filmmakers you can't easily find anywhere else
  • 2 year access with (at least) annual updates as we add new films

Discount Database with Film Finance Toolkit Purchase

Save on our Custom Indie Film Database with a Financing Toolkit Purchase

We HEARD You! Finding Comparable Films was HARD!
You Just Want to Get on with Filming, right? 

We hired Nash Info Services, the movie data gurus behind to create a completely custom spreadsheet for us analyzing indie and studio films 2006-2019. Our custom database is available as a separate product or an add-on with a discount to any of our Film Financing Toolkits.

Now, let's be clear. You can get a lot of this information yourselves - for free. Let's use Birdman as an example:

Our spreadsheet includes everything under Theatrical Performance and Home Market Performance. Then you could scroll through each tab and pull a lot of the other numbers yourselves.

And then you could do that for 10-20 films. And you could do it after you even figure out which 10-20 films you want to use as your comparables after researching which are Indie vs Studio. You can use the-numbers, IMDB and/or Box Office Mojo. It's been the way we've done things for years...but oh-so-many of you have let us know how much you hate the tedious work. You just want to get on with filming, right?

What we're offering is you can just filter for let's say, Indie Films & Comedy and BOOM!!! In 5 have this: 

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  • Indie Film Custom Database
  • $59 USD

    Detailed Budget and Box Office Stats for Over 200 Titles for Comparable Films

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  • Box Office
  • Budget
  • Video, DVD & Blu Ray
  • MPAA Ratings
  • Distributor
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci Fi, Romance, Thriller
  • ++ more data points


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